dressing cheat to hide your tummy

Afraid Whether People Will Notice Your Tummy? Dressing Cheats to Hide It

Clothes You Can Wear

  • Wear slightly longer jackets. The reason is to cover your belly from front and to give proper shape to your body.

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  • Wear single breasted jackets and coats. Double breasted jackets will add weight towards your waist.

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  • Try to wear monochromatic patterns ( whether in formal suits, skirts or kurtas). To create the illusion of long continuous line which will visually stretch your height and hides your tummy better.

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  • Wear kurtas which are A-line, and which fall away from tummy and are fitter on the top. That will hide the tummy and create clean lines around your waist.

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  • To draw attention upward instead of your midsection, try wearing details at your necklines, shoulders and busts. Wear accessories to draw attention to your face.

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  • As your midsection is wider than the rest of your body wear bootleg or wide leg jeans to balance it out so that your legs and midsection look equally wide and thus takes away the attention from your belly. You can also go with straight leg jeans if that balances the midsection.

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  • Wear skirts or shorts above the knee, knee length or calf length, to show off your slim legs and visually increase your height. Keep the skirts high waisted, only if they are loose enough to hide the tummy. Fitted skirts will highlight the bulge of your belly.

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  • Wear belt on the narrowest part of your waist. Belts should be thin and shouldn’t be detailed. It will effectively highlight your curve and will still keep away the attention from the belly.

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  • Wear prints with less negative space and smaller designs. Such prints confuse the eyes and will hide the tummy under the print.

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  • Wear A-line tops or tops which are loose around the tummy to hide it. Also, go for ruched tops as they are the best thing to cover your stomach area. Those tops must end at just below your widest part of your stomach. Shorter tops will bring the attention to your tummy.

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  • Wear open necklines to reveal your neck and draw attention upwards.

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  • If you have slim legs, slim calves and ankles and you can wear strappy sandals and ballet flats, especially those with rounded toes to make you look curvy. Your heels should be either mid or high heel to make you look taller and make viewers’ eyes to travel vertically.

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  • Carry sling bags around your hips and keep them small. The bigger bags and bags near your tummy will draw unnecessary attention.

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Things To Be Avoided

  • Clingy tops and t-shirts will show off your unflattering waist area. Tight fitted top should be avoided at all cost.

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  • Avoid stiff fabric. It hides the belly, but it also hides flattering curves of your body giving you a boxy look.

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  • Avoid baggy cargo and tapered pants, it will add volume to your tummy and will highlight it.

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  • Avoid anything with detailing on your mid-section in Skirts, jeans, tops or jackets. So the attention is not on your tummy.

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