best outfit to wear for a lazy day

What Outfit To Wear On A Lazy Day

Lazy days happen to the best of us, when we just don’t want any glam look, as all we want is to chill out but still keep it stylish. Those early mornings when you just can’t make out of bed but still have to work on deadlines. On such occasions, you can pair loose top with fitted bottoms, simple flats or cozy boots or vice versa. Here are some awesome lazy day outfits for you to hit the streets. This look is simple and beautiful, you just need to keep things relaxed and comfortable. These are a few tips and an outfit below to look chic and sexy even on your lazy days!

denim jacket with black jeans and black bag

On days like this, you specially get stuck on colours and just cannot make a way out. On such occasion, your wardrobe basic will be your savour. Just clubbing it right with a pop of accessories to complete the look in a perfect manner. The specific look here was lazy day– obviously — but it’s got all the key ingredients you typically grab on a slash I-don’t-feel-like-putting-real-clothes-on day.

1. Hair Bun

knot to tied to look talker for women

Bye greasy, unbrushed hair! For days you can’t even be bothered with dry shampoo, bun is the best way your hair can be into. A bun that effortlessly gives you a clean look by rolling it up tightly to catch up with work.

2. Sunglasses

black circular glasses to wear on sunny day

You got to have them. No makeup, no problem. Especially if you didn’t sleep a lot those will cover your eyes. Plus, makes the outfit look better!

3. Layers

denim jacket with lining top for women

A good denim jacket can save your life, or at least your outfit, multiple times with its versatility and easy comfort. This is way of adding cuteness or some sort of depth to the look so you don’t look a total bum. The jacket on top of the spaghetti tops makes this basic and classy.

4. Comfy Shoes

black shoes for a casual outfit for women

Depending on the weather, pair on sneakers, or Hunter’s to complete the look. Having some sort of shoe on is good because flip flops just make it look a little too casual or like you’re heading to yoga.

5. A Tote

big black bag to carry for women at

A versatile black tote bag has been chosen, the time spent researching always seems worthwhile when that tote bag serves its purpose wonderfully and the compliments pour in. Special when you cannot decide gadgets and things you need for the day tote can assemble few of the unnecessary things which you’re not sure of.

6.High waist jogger

casual long blue jogger for women at

Grabbing yourself a slim fit spaghetti throwing it on with a pair of plain joggers is an effortless and stylish look that you can mix up at with. Jogger pants might be the most comfortable trousers in the world it’s a great piece for work on a lazy day. Joggers would probably have been baggy and loose and will keep you cozy on streets.

7. Neck Scarf

printed scarf to wear on casual outfit for women

A neck scarf is an elegant accessory which saves for a cool pair of kicks giving you the pulled-together feel you’re after, without forcing you to compromise on comfort. No other accessory beats the sensation of a snuggly scarf wrapped around your neck. From abstract pop colour prints to bright pashminas to oversized knits. And the best part is, there are a ton of different ways to wear them and style them with different outfits.

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