best rainy footwear for men to wear on wet season

What is the Right Footwear to Wear this Rainy Season

Skip the Rain boots and Step Out in these stylish versions.

No one wants to show up to work in wet soggy shoes. No one wants to shows up to work drenched and un-chic, no matter how wet it is outside. And no one wants to walk into the office clad in a matching rain slicker.

What to wear in the rain is one of the trickiest looks to piece together. Rain gear can be bulky and frankly not so stylish especially when it comes to footwear. Knee-high rain boots can do the trick when puddle jumping or wading into a creek, but wearing ten pounds of rubber on your feet isn’t strictly necessary when you’re just hoping to get to and from work without soggy socks.

Knee-high rubber isn’t your only option when the skies open. Instead, you can express your style and keep your toes dry all at once. We may not be able to stop the cats and dogs pouring, but at least with these bargains, you’ll be able to keep your feet warm and look stylish all day long!

1. Borrowed-From-The-Boys Movement Moots:

menswear inspired footwear to wear during rainy season

patent leather shoe repels water just as well as your rubber rain boots. But a simple flat or sandal won’t do, you need to get down and slip into a pair of menswear-inspired oxfords.

2. A Rubber Block platform will keep you high above the puddles.

rubber block for rainy season for men

3. For those channeling a sportier look, these trendy tennis shoes are completely rain suited.

trendy tennis shoes for rainy season4. These basic Ankle Boots are easy to pair with any look.

ankle boots for rainy season for men

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