best legging tips to look awesome for women

6 Outfit Ideas To Pair With Leggings For The Best Look

The legging has become a must-need item for everyday dressing. It’s form-fitting, stretchy and comfortable for anyone to wear. Earlier leggings were generally worn with traditional outfits, but now it has become a chic wardrobe staple. Let’s go over and see how to style the comfort clothing into a chic outfit.

  1. Make sure your leggings are made of a thick material.
  2. Pair with accessories to enhance the simple leggings into something flattering.
  3. Wear leggings that go to your ankles rather than cropped leggings which give you the athleisure look.
  4. Wear the right kind of underwear so that the lines are not peeking.
  5. Whatever you wear on top should cover your rear end or should be long enough.
  6. Play up layering when wearing leggings to add more dimension to your outfit


  1. Wear leggings that are too tight or too loose. Your leggings should be tight enough to fit slimly over your legs, but not so tight that people can see every dimple in your legs.
  2. Wear leggings with the wrong shoes such as flip-flops.

1. Business Casual Look

Wear simple black or white blouse which has perfect length for a formal look and wear a long blazer to hide the rear part. You can also wear a longer blouse without a blazer or just a blazer over leggings which is long enough. Wear a metallic jewelry, a watch or a neck piece to complete the look.
legging combination for women to wear daily

2. Pair it with Plaid Shirt

If it’s long enough to cover your rear, wear your fav plaid shirt with leggings. If you’re going for a super cozy, laid-back look, throw on your favorite sneakers for a casual, cute look. But if you’re looking to elevate the look, wear some accessories and riding boots or a simple top inside for a chic look.

women fashion best for leggings and a shirt

3. Style it with Extremes

Wear your tight-fitting leggings with loose oversized hoodie or sweatshirt and sports shoes. The extremes fit, works really well and gives you street casual look. You can style it up by layering it with a shrug or cardigan, a scarf, few neck chains and riding boots.

best sweater combination with a leggings for women

4. Button Down Styles

Wear your leggings with your favorite button-down shirts. If it’s oversized belt it across your waist. Another way of styling button-down with legging is to wear a full-sleeves top above the shirt leaving shirt ends untucked and collars peeping out of the top’s neckline. Accessorize your look with a scarf and watch. You can wear heels, boots, flats as well as sports shoes for this look.

a best black long sleeve with a legging

5. Layering with Jackets

Layering is the best styling trick and works every time. It enhances the look and it a notch higher to chicness. Wear simple blouses and put on your favorite jackets or a denim jacket. Denim gives a casual look while well-tailored jackets give you classy look. If the edgy look is your style go with the leather jacket. If the top is longer keep jackets smaller and vice versa.

real leather jacket with leggings

6. Play with Basics

Basics can be easily styled with different garments. Pair basic striped tee-shirt, top or tunic with your black leggings. To add chicness to the outfit wear heeled boots which are in contrast with your outfit. You can also throw on your denim jacket for more casual look.

lining tshirt with a pretty scarf with leggings

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